What We Do

Retrofit incentive program

• This program is provided by ieso, and has been running over 10 years.

• We will help our client to upgrade their lighting system for a better energy-efficiency.

• We will offer a free quotation for your facility.

• We will help our client to complete the application of the program.

• The incentive will be up to 50% of the entire project.

Commercial LED Lights Wholesale

• Qualified products for Government Incentives

• The most updated versions of  DLC certification

• The most reliable products with a fair price

• All our commercial LED lights come with 5-Years-Warranty

Save Big on Your Global Adjustment Costs

• Makes predictions using Artificial Intelligence software.

• Analyze your operation and find peak reduction opportunities.

• Full service which includes curtailment plan + training.

• Easy to understand notifications which are sent via text message, email & phone call.


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