Save on Energy

Retrofit Program

Help your business reduce equipment upgrade and operational costs. Incentives cover up to 50% of the project cost.

The Retrofit program is designed to provide a variety of options for businesses, so you can find the right fit for your business operations, regardless of their industry.

With Save on Energy incentives, you can upgrade your equipment for less, improving everything from your operations to employee morale.
Program Description

This Retrofit Program provides Participant Incentives to upgrade Facilities with Measures to reduce electricity consumption.
The Participants in the Retrofit Program are owners and operators of industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-family residential buildings, or persons with the rights and authority to have the Measures installed. Certain Participant Incentives are specific to Social Housing Providers.
This Retrofit Program is offered under, and is subject to the terms of, the Energy Conservation Agreement.
All capitalized terms not defined in these Retrofit Program Rules have the definitions given to them in the Energy Conservation Agreement between the LDC and the IESO.


1. Prescriptive Incentive

The Prescriptive Incentive will be calculated as specified in Prescriptive Worksheet(s), subject to
a maximum of the Eligible Costs for the Measure.

2. Custom Incentive

The Custom Incentive will be calculated as the lesser of A or B:

A = for Lighting Systems and Occupancy Lighting Control Systems, the greater of
$400/kW of Demand Savings or $0.05 / kWh of Energy Savings;

B = 50% of the Eligible Costs for the Custom Project, up to a maximum of 55% of the
Estimated Eligible Costs in the Application approved by the LDC.

The incentive will cover up to 50% of your project cost, your hydro bill will be cut 50%-70% after retrofit all the low efficiency existing lights. The part you paid will be payback in 10 to 18 months, it depends on the operating time.

Retrofit Program Processing Flow

Visit the site and confirm the quantity and type of existing lighting fixture.

Make the quotation and sand to the customer.

In 2 days.

Accept the quotation, sign the contract and pay the deposit.

We will submit the application to the “Save on Energy”.

Next business day.

The third party facility pre-project site inspection will be applied, when the incentive over 10,000 dollars.

Both of us will receive a “pre-approval” via email, it will confirm the incentive amount and allow to start the project.

In 2 weeks

We finish the project, recycle the old fixtures and get the recycle certification.

The customer pays the balance.

We will submit the “Post-Project Submission” with all the copies of the documents to the “Save on Energy”.

Next business day.

The third party facility post-project site inspection will be applied, when the incentive over 10,000 dollars.

The customer will receive an email from the hydro and requests invoice for the incentive.

The customer will receive the incentive between 4 to 6 weeks.

"How can we save more energy?" All it takes is one person and one question to benefit an entire business.